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MaDE with BARE hands

Our products only come from food artisans and small communities who are superlative in their skills. While selecting products, we privilege people and craftsmanship over machines and large volumes by keeping everything handmade. Some products are scarce or hard to prepare in large quantities but we will do our best to source them, even if in limited quantities.

Eating local

After years of travelling the mountains, valleys, and shores of Lebanon, we collected the products we loved, each belonging to a specific region. We help customers trace back the origins and ingredients of each product, so that they know exactly what their families are eating. Dealing directly with our producers ensures traceability and quality of products. Also to ensure the sustainability of the local terroir and wellbeing of customers, we always encourage our producers to adopt natural and organic farming practices.

zero-compromise on excellent products

We only propose products that we really love and serve to our families. For each product, we tried versions from different regions and producers to finally select our one favourite producer who will be joining our family. The product selection criteria include great taste, best natural ingredients, pleasant texture, good nose, and lasting taste in mouth. We have seen mediocre products proliferating in the market, and we assure you that you will NEVER find stale breadcrumbs in our Zaatar of red dye in our Sumac.

Celebrating our heritage

We want to be a reflection of centuries of Lebanon's cultural traditions that we inherited from grandparents, mothers, and neighbours. Each of our products echoes the heart and soul of a terroir, and evokes a sense of story, place, and a family tradition.

Respecting producers

Ensuring that producers are happy means good food for you and your families. Our producers are our greatest asset, we admire their passion and constantly strive to compensate fairly their strict commitment to good products. We always aim to avoid middle-men and work directly with producers to maximize their compensations. At the same time, our aim is to also maintain prices that allow everyone to enjoy our gem products.