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Bring to one place the best of LEBANESE TRADITIONAL FOOD

While traveling Lebanese villages for years, we encountered passionate producers in their family homes, roadsides, and markets and tried their products. We bring to you the products we fell in love with, because we understand that people do not have the time anymore to go on regional quests to find exceptional food. For example, clear and fragrant Mazaher is a treasure in every house in Maghdooshe but now, pure Mazaher and all other products made by hand can jewel your kitchen as well.

Help people eat better

We want to introduce our customers to original flavours that have been hidden to them, rooted in the forgotten past of our villages. We also promise all the knowledge to our customers because without history or stories, a bite of food is brief and just good. However, when we start learning about all the hard work and generations-old craftsmanship that have gone into creating these products, this bite takes us far and we enjoy it much more. The French or Italians understand the source of food they are serving to their families, their passion for a good diet and great products is something we aim to infuse everywhere.

Preserve our food traditions

Our food traditions come from generations of hard work in villages, and we are witnessing their slow death today in favour of industrial products and homogenized tastes. We want to create a bridge between the past and the future and bring secret family recipes into today’s convenient food fashion. Our product collection is a treasure chest that we want to pass-on to our children and spread to the rest of the world.

Protect and develop local villages

For any product we choose, we give priority to individual producers and small communities in villages because we want to popularize the hidden regions and drive their development. Each village has products of unique taste and if customers fall in love in village products and want more of them, this creates an economic reason for younger generations to proudly stay in their villages. Putting forward culinary heritage has the power of keeping our communities: it fights against rural depopulation and protects each village's cultural identity.

Create a brand that unites everyone

This shop is not about nostalgia, it is about identity. We believe that food can tell stories of magical powers to reveal the soul of a country. So we want to create something, a brand, that showcases Lebanon in a special way and awakens everyone's collective memories. We want to propagate a contagious sense of pride in Lebanese food and traditions, uniting people from all areas and communities.